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Florence Ditlow

I recommend Mr Filkovsky here for recent large scale photo shoots at his workplace. He herded 50 employees nicely for an unprecedented grouping as well as other views. I was present for other set ups and was also photographed effectively; he took years off my image- no photoshop needed.

Angela Adams

I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil and working with him for numerous years on various projects. Though it has been more geared to creative and media platforms, I have seen him perform and excel in the IT arena as well. He has extensive knowledge in both industries. His expertise has time and again helped me both personally and professionally. Yet you will find no big ego or claims to fame with Phil, just honesty and integrity and a gracious humbleness that is a rare gem these days. Whether flying solo on a project, or in a group setting, you would be hard-pressed to find anybody else that can handle almost any scope thrown at him, all the while leading with quiet determination and by example, or collaborating with your team to ensure success.

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